How to write a killer brief (BC02)

Knowing how to write a killer brief can make all the difference for you and your agency. It'll safe you time, effort and money.

This module will share the 8 key point to a killer brief and what to do with each of them. The objectives of this course are:

Understanding the key principles behind writing a killer brief and how to use them
Understanding the vital information that should be included to ensure every is clear on the next steps
Understanding that a greater knowledge of your client can help with your brief

Make sure you have the workbook ready as you start the course which you can download from the 'files' section at the bottom of this screen.

Once you've completed your module we'll set up your feedback and development session with Fiona, CEO of Brand Champion, so look out for your invite.

Good luck and enjoy!
  • Introduction From Fiona, CEO Of Brand Champions
  • Fiona's Introduction
  • Your objectives
  • Your Objectives
  • What is a good brief
  • What is a good brief
  • why is a good brief important?
  • Why is a good brief important?
  • Understanding your clients - Introduction
  • Understanding your clients
  • Understanding your clients - what is a client's focus
  • What is a clients' focus?
  • Understanding your clients - why do clients need agencies?
  • Why do clients need agencies?
  • Understanding your clients - how do clients choose agencies?
  • How do clients choose agencies?
  • Understanding your clients - Review
  • Understanding your clients review
  • Insight
  • Insight
  • Insight example
  • Insight review
  • Insight review
  • objectives
  • Objectives
  • Objectives review
  • product benefits
  • Product benefits
  • benefits review
  • Benefits review
  • Benefits review
  • reasons to believe
  • Reasons to believe
  • Reasons to believe review
  • the proposition
  • The proposition
  • Proposition review
  • the budget
  • The budget
  • Budget review
  • mandatories
  • Mandatories
  • Mandatories
  • your own brief
  • Your own brief
  • killer brief summary
  • Killer brief summary
  • Module Feedback
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed
  • Leads to a certification with a duration: Forever